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Missionaries: Countries of Birth and Service

Missionary Country of Birth Country of Service
David Brainerd United States United States
William Carey England India
James Chalmers Scotland South Pacific Islands
John Geddie Canada New Hebrides
James Gilmour Scotland Mongolia
Solomon Ginsburg Poland Brazil
Jonathan Goforth Canada China
George Grenfell England Africa
Adoniram Judson United States Burma
Ann Judson United States Burma
Emily Judson United States Burma
Sarah Judson United States Burma
David Livingstone Scotland Africa
Alexander Mackay Scotland Africa
Samuel Marsden England NSW/New Zealand
Robert Moffat Scotland Africa
Mary Moffat Scotland Africa
Henry Nott England Tahiti
John Paton Scotland New Hebrides
Mary Slessor Scotland Africa
C. T. Studd England China, India, Africa
Hudson Taylor England China

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