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Jonathan Goforth Jonathan Goforth (1859-1936) was a Canadian missionary to China. It is said of him that "when he found his own soul needed Jesus Christ, it became a passion with him to take Jesus Christ to every soul."

Marriage and Family:
Rosalind GoforthRosalind Goforth (1864-1942): Rosalind Bell-Smith Goforth was born near London, England, and moved with her parents to Montreal, Canada, three years later. Her Dad was an artist, and Rosalind graduated from the Toronto School of Art in 1885. In 1887 she married Jonathan Goforth. They served together as missionaries in China and Manchuria. They were married for forty-nine years and had eleven children: Gertrude (1888-1899), Donald (1889-1891), Paul (1891-1962), Florence (1893-1900), Helen (1894-1961), Grace (1896-1899), Ruth (1899-1973), William Wallace (1899-1956), [Amelia] Constance (1901-1902), Mary (1903-1994), and [John] Frederick (1906?-1961), six of whom survived to adulthood. She was the author of How I Know God Answers Prayer (1921), her husband's biography, Goforth of China (1937), and Climbing: Memoirs of a Missionary's Wife (1940).

Recommended Book:
Jonathan Goforth by Rosalind Goforth. Published by Bethany House Publishers, 1986. This is an edited edition of Goforth of China which was first published in 1937, and is now out of print.
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