Solomon Ginsburg — Biographies and Information

Solomon Ginsburg Born in Poland, Solomon L. Ginsburg (1867-1927) was a Baptist missionary to Brazil for thirty-five years. With Erik Alfred Nelson, founded the first Baptist church in the Amazon Valley. Wrote A Wandering Jew in Brazil: An Autobiography.

Marriage and Family:
Before Ginsburg left London for Brazil, January 21, 1890, he was engaged to Carrie Bishop, a trained nurse of the Royal Hospital. Their plan was for her to come to Brazil after a year or so. When she did arrive in Brazil, they married, but she died four months later.

Emma GinsburgEmma P. Morton Ginsburg was born January 16, 1865, in Kentucky, United States. She was a single missionary who arrived in Brazil in 1889. She married Ginsburg August 1, 1893, and they had two sons and four daughters. His autobiography is affectionately dedicated to "Mrs. Emma Morton Ginsburg, the consecrated missionary, self-sacrificing mother, and devoted companion, who for these thirty years has shared with me all my trials and joys."

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