Samuel Marsden — Biographies and Information

Samuel MarsdenSamuel Marsden (1765?-1838) was an English missionary to New South Wales, Australia, where he began serving as chaplain to convicts in a penal colony in 1794; and to New Zealand where he was the first to present the gospel to the Maoris in 1814. He returned to England once in 1807-1808.

Marriage and Family:
Elizabeth Fristan Marsden (1772-1835): Born in Hull, England in July, 1772, Elizabeth married Samuel Marsden April 21, 1793. Their first child, Anne, was born 1794, on the ship, William, as the Marden's sailed to New South Wales, Australia. They were married for over 42 years and had eight children: Anne, Charles Simeon (died age 3), Elizabeth, John, Charles Simeon, Mary, Jane, and Martha. Mrs. Marsden died October 2, 1835 in Parramatta, NSW.

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