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We Won't Give Up the Bible

We won't give up the Bible—
God’s holy book of truth;
The blessèd staff of hoary age,
The guide of early youth;
The lamp that sheds a glorious light
O'er every dreary road;
The voice that speaks a Savior's love,
And calls us back to God.

We won't give up the Bible,
For pleasure or for pain;
We'll buy the truth, and sell it not
For all that we might gain;
Though man should try to take our prize,
By guile or cruel might,
We'll suffer all that men can do,
And God defend the right!

We won't give up the Bible
But spread it far and wide,
Until its saving voice be heard
Beyond the rolling tide—
Till all shall feel its precious power:
While we, with voice and heart,
Resolve that from God’s sacred Word
We'll never, never part!

—William M. Whittemore

Thou art my hiding place and my shield: I hope in thy word. Psalm 119:114

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