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We Love the Good Old Bible

We love the good old Bible,
The glorious Word of God;
The lamp for those who travel
O'er all life's dreary road.
The watchword in life's battle,
The chart on life's dark sea;
The beautiful, dear Bible,
It shall our teacher be.

Who would not love the Bible,
So beautiful and wise?
Its teachings charm the simple,
And point us to the skies.
Its stories all so mighty
Of men so brave to see;
The beautiful, dear Bible,
It shall our teacher be.

But most we love the Bible,
For there we children learn
How Christ for us became a child,
Our hearts to Him to turn;
And how He bowed to sorrow,
That we His face might see,
The Bible, O the Bible,
It shall our teacher be.

Then we will hold the Bible,
The glorious book of God;
We'll ne'er forsake the Bible
Through all life's future road.
And when we lie a-dying,
Wherever that may be,
The beautiful, dear Bible,
Shall still our solace be.

—Edwin P. Hood (1820-1885)

If ye love me, keep my commandments. John 14:15

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