Ira David Sankey: Chronology of Life
compiled by Stephen Ross, 2010

Ira SankeyIra D. Sankey (1840-1908) was an American Gospel singer and composer of music for such hymns as "Faith Is the Victory," "Trusting Jesus," and "Under His Wings." Associate with D. L. Moody in evangelistic work in the U.S. and abroad as solo singer/music director.
1840 Born Edinburg, Pennsylvania. (Aug 28)
1856 Converted to Christ in revival meeting at King's Chapel.
1857 Moved to Newcastle, Pennsylvania.
Joined Methodist Episcopal Church.
Became Sunday-school superintendent and leader of the choir.
1860 Enlisted in Union Army during Civil War.
1863 Married Fanny V. Edwards (Sep 9). They had three sons.
1867 Elected secretary, then president of Newcastle Y.M.C.A.
1870  Met D. L. Moody, who challenged him for full-time Christian service.
1871 Moved to Chicago, Illinois, to work with D. L. Moody.
Watched Chicago burn (Great Chicago Fire) from boat in Lake Michigan.
1873-75 Made extended evangelistic tour of British Isles.
Published (1873) his first collection of songs entitled Sacred Songs and Solos.
1875 With Philip P. Bliss, co-edited Gospel Hymns, Nos. 1-6.
1881-84 Made second, extended, evangelistic tour to British Isles.
1891-92 Made third visit to British Isles.
1898 Made a visit to the Holy Land.
1899 Mourned D. L. Moody's death. (Dec 22)
1903 Experienced loss of his eyesight.
1908 Died in Brooklyn. (Aug 13)

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