Begun in 1996, is of the Lord. He provided the opportunity to begin it and has given the ability, means, time, help and strength to maintain it. To God be the glory both now and forever!

Many people have been a help and encouragement to this ministry, including Dorothy Ross, Jennifer Leaf, Rebecca Lang, Joy Prenevost, David Ross, David Cloud, Don Rule, Bill Rice III, Al Troester (with the Lord 2002), Kay Griffin (with the Lord 2011), Ed Reese (with the Lord 2015), Roy Dearmore (with the Lord 2015), Rex Cobb, Paul Freeman (with the Lord 2020), Shelton Smith, Marlon Smith, Troy Calvert, Carolyn Connolly (with the Lord 2014), Bert Craft, Pamela Pugh, Sheila Frey, Linda Slay, Anthony Wong, Wayne Porter, Daniel Waite, Nikki Jamison, Stephanie Feltham, Lise Ferron, Gerhard Holzer, Susan Mower, Anna Hanson, John Goshen, Thomas Fittis, Scott Leach, John Kaiser, Allana Pierce, Rick Flanders, Timothy Myers, Dorothy Weeks, Tim Knutson, Yehayes Teffera, Robin Hate, Matt Costella and Dana Huss. Thank you for your kindness and encouragement!

Thanks also to the University of Vermont (Burlington) and Pensacola Christian College (Florida) for providing access to their library resources and services; to the Moody Bible Institute Archive (Illinois) for providing a photo of William Evans; to Bible Truth Publishers (Illinois); and the Heath Christian Bookshop Charitable Trust (United Kingdom).

And thanks to each person who has sent an encouraging Email regarding Wholesome Words. You have been a blessing!

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" the glory of God."