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Thy Word

Thy Word my lamp in darkest night,
Illumes my path with its heav'nly light;
This precious lamp, my treasure dear,
With fadeless ray doth my spirit cheer.
My hope is based upon that Word,
That precious message from my Lord;
Tho' storms arise, it stands secure,
Forever changeless it shall endure.

Give heed! give heed! O child of light,
And shun the shadow of sin's dark night!
God's Word your trembling steps will show,
The narrow path where your feet must go.
O watch and pray, and trust your Lord!
Put full reliance on His Word;
No other book can show the way
From earthly night to the land of day.

All hail! all hail! thou book divine!
From whence the light on my path doth shine!
The Spirit will our teacher be,
And wondrous meanings our hearts shall see.
The light of Heav'n, so passing fair,
Will shine about us everywhere.
We hear the language of the skies!
The city shineth before our eyes.

—by Anna Richarde

The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever. Isaiah 40:8

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