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The Sixty-Six Books

Sixty-six singers, singing sweet and true,
And setting all the world to singing, too.

Sixty-six soldiers, vigorous and strong,
Valiantly attacking, cruelty and wrong.

Sixty-six judges, learned in the law,
Uttering decisions, free from fear and flaw.

Sixty-six artists—wondrously they paint
Kings and sages, common folk, angel, devil, saint.

Sixty-six explorers, keen to search and find,
All the hidden secrets of life and death and mind.

Sixty-six masons, marvelously skilled;
One majestic temple they design to build.

Sixty-six farmers, planting holy seed,
Happily upspringing in holy thought and deed.

Sixty-six teachers, keeping perfect school,
Where faith the law is, and love the rule.

Sixty-six doctors, knowing well to cure,
Masters of a medicine healing swift and sure.

Sixty-six sailors, bearing us away,
To a better country, to a brighter day.

—by Amos R. Well (1862-1933)

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17

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