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"Most Than My Necessary Food"

"More than my necessary food," so Job esteemed God's Word,
He waited God’s commandment, and so patiently endured.
Though God permitted testing, it was all by wisdom planned,
To bring him greater blessing in the end, by God’s dear hand.

"More than my necessary food," Thy Word, O God, I need,
Thy percepts for my daily guide, to wisdom give indeed.
For I esteem Thy judgments and Thy law and Thy command.
The necessary light and truth, to guide me through this land.

Believing in Thy Word, O God, great peace, and joy I find.
A ransom for a sinner planned, according to Thy mind.
A Father from His heart of love, would give His only Son,
And Jesus willingly came down, for our sins to atone.

What depths of love, O God, we see proceeding from Thy heart:
What words of wisdom Thou dost give, Thy counsels to impart.
What grace and mercy, too, we see, Thy goodness all the way,
Thy new compassions greeting us, with every dawning day.

O may we value more and more, Thy Word to light our path,
To keep us in temptation's hour, and shield from Satan's wrath;
And may we not forget Thy Word which leads in ways aright,
But find it is our happiness, our joy and great delight.

Then may Thy Word our portion be, rejoicing of the heart,
To comfort and assurance give, to peace and joy impart.
Thy Word's from everlasting, and forever shall endure,
How needful then to value it, its every word is pure.

—Lois Beckwith (1896-1958)

Neither have I gone back from the commandment of his lips; I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food. Job 23:12

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