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Hold Up the Grand Old Bible

Hold up the grand old Bible to the people!
Deny it or neglect it never!
Unfailing it has stood the test of ages,
And it shall stand unchanged forever!

O blessèd book, the only book,
The pow'rs of earth can change it never!
The test of fire and flood through ages it hath stood,
And it shall stand unchanged forever.

Hold up the grand old Bible and proclaim it
The Word of God by prophets spoken;
His seal imprinted glows upon its pages,
And not a precept can be broken.

Hold up the grand old Bible of our fathers,
And send it unto ev'ry nation;
It is the cloud by day, the fire in darkness,
That lights the way unto salvation.

Hold up the grand old Bible, proudly own it,
Believe, and search its sacred pages;
There you may find the way of life eternal—
Immortal life through endless ages.

—by Charles H. Gabriel (1856-1932)

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Psalm 119:105

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