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The Blessèd Book (Bell)

There's a blessèd Book that's given
For the saving of mankind;
All who read its precious pages
May a priceless treasure find;
Rarer than the gems which sparkle
In the monarch's beauteous crown
Are the messages of pardon
For the souls in sin bowed down.

Blessèd Book! be thou our guide;
We would walk at Jesus' side;
Teach us how to live each day
As we tread the narrow way.

In this Book we read of Jesus
Who once came to earth to save
Dying souls from sin's dominion
And the terror of the grave;
And our hearts are never weary
Of the lessons which we learn
As we read the story over,
As the sacred leaves we turn.

Let us study it with patience,
Learn to love it more and more;
It will teach us of the Saviour
Whom our youthful hearts adore;
If we hearken to its counsels,
Heed its precepts true and pure,
Then our footsteps will not wander
From the pathway safe and sure.

—by C. Louise Bell (Birdie Bell)

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17

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