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Pray for—

1. Protection. Pray that the Lord would protect and provide the missionary and his family safety while on deputation, going to the field, while on the field and returning home and while on furlough. Unfamiliar areas of the world present unique and different conditions from the home country of the missionary.

2. Penetration. Pray that the Lord will provide help for the missionary in completing the necessary paperwork and securing the visa required for entering the country of his service.

3. Priority. Pray that the missionary would stay focused on his primary priority of spreading the Gospel and not be distracted by such things as entertaining visitors from home.

4. Planting of churches. Pray for the salvation of souls and that the missionary would be successful in establishing local new testament churches.

5. Posterity. Pray for the missionary's children, that they would adjust to their new home, be supportive of their parents and the work of the ministry, and that they would maintain a good Christian testimony. Also pray for their physical and spiritual health and their ongoing schooling while on the mission field.

6. Purity. Pray that the missionary would delivered from temptations and remain pure and upright as he serves the Lord Jesus.

7. Physical health. Pray for the overall physical health of the missionary and specific health needs.

8. Provision. Pray that the Lord would provide for the financial, physical, social and spiritual needs of the missionary, i.e. financial support, housing, car or other transportation, proper medical care, etc.

9. Preparation. Pray that the Lord would provide the missionary quality study and prayer time to prepare for preaching and for meaningful family worship.

10. Power. Pray that the missionary would be filled with the Holy Spirit, have the mind of Christ, and bear fruit.

Expanded by Stephen Ross for WholesomeWords.org from a sermon by Dave Smith at Franklin Road Baptist Church, Tennessee, June 16, 2010.

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