Hudson Taylor: Chronology of Events
by Marshall Broomhall; edited by Stephen Ross

Hudson TaylorHudson Taylor (1832-1905) was an English missionary to China. Founded the China Inland Mission which at his death included 205 mission stations with over 800 missionaries, and 125,000 Chinese Christians.
1832 J. Hudson Taylor born at Barnsley, [England], May 21.
1834 East India Company's Trade monopoly ceases, April 22.
Robert Morrison dies at Canton, August 1.
1839 First Opium War commences, November 3.
1841 Hong Kong ceded to the British, January 20.
1842 Treaty of Nanking signed, August 29.
1849 Hudson Taylor converted at age 17.
1850-1864 Taiping Rebellion.
1853 Hudson Taylor sails for China for the first time under Chinese Evangelization Society, September 19.
1854 Hudson Taylor lands in Shanghai, March 1.
1855-1873 Great Mohammedan rebellion in Yunnan.
1856-1860 Second Opium War.
1857 Hudson Taylor resigns from Chinese Evangelization Society, June.
1858 Hudson Taylor marries Miss Maria Dyer, a missionary located at Ningpo, January 20.
Treaty of Tientsin signed, June.
1860 Hudson Taylor's first appeal for helpers, January 16.
Mr. and Mrs. Hudson Taylor sail for England, July.
Treaty of Tientsin ratified at Peking, October 24.
1862-1876 Great Mohommedan rebellion in Kansu, etc.
1862 Hudson Taylor's first helpers, Mr. and Mrs. Meadows, sail, January 8.
1865 Three more workers sail for China, April.
Hudson Taylor's crisis at Brighton, June 25.
Beginning of China Inland Mission which Hudson Taylor founded, June 27.
China's Spiritual Need and Claims published, October.
1866 Occasional Papers, No. 1 published, March 12.
Hudson Taylor sails for China, the second time, with Lammermuir party, May 26.
1867 Death of Gracie Taylor, August 23.
1868 Yangchow riot, August 22-23.
1869 Bitter anti-Christian manifesto issued from Hunan, September.
Suez Canal opened, November 17.
1870 Tientsin massacre, June 21.
Mrs. Hudson Taylor (nee Dyer) dies at 33 years of age, July 23.
Naking Viceroy assassinated, August 24.
1871 Telegraph cable opened to Shanghai, June 3.
Hudson Taylor sails for England, August.
Hudson Taylor marries Miss Jennie Faulding, November 28.
1872 Hudson Taylor sails for China, the third time, with Mrs. Taylor, October 9.
1874 Hudson Taylor falls and hurts spine, May.
Miss Blatchley dies, July 25.
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor reach England, October 14.
1875 Hudson Taylor's appeal for 18 workers published, January.
China's Millions first published, July.
1876 Hudson Taylor sails for China, the fourth time, without Mrs. Taylor, September 7.
1877 Hudson Taylor sails for England, November.
1878 Mrs. Hudson Taylor sails for China, for famine relief work, May 2.
Hudson Taylor in Switzerland, August.
1879 Hudson Taylor sails for China, the fifth time (ill), February 24.
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor reach Chefoo, May 8.
1880 Hudson Taylor's first visit to Kwangsin River, August.
1881 Mrs. Hudson Taylor sails for England; absent from China nine
years, October.
Hudson Taylor at Wuchang. Appeal for The Seventy, November.
Hudson Taylor welcomes his eldest son, Herbert, to China, December 10.
1883 Hudson Taylor sails for England, February.
1885 Hudson Taylor sails, without Mrs. Taylor, for China, the sixth time, January 20.
The Cambridge Seven leave for China, February 5.
1886 Hudson Taylor's second visit to Kwangsin River, May-June.
Hudson Taylor travels, visiting nine provinces, May-October.
Pastor Hsi set apart by Hudson Taylor, August 5.
First meeting of China Council. Appeal for The Hundred, November 13-26.
1887 Hudson Taylor sails for England, January.
Sailing of the Hundred, January.
1888 Hudson Taylor, with his son, Dr. Howard Taylor, sails for North America, June 23.
Hudson Taylor sails from Vancouver for China, the seventh time, with first North American contingent, October 5.
1889 Hudson Taylor arrives in England, May 21.
Hudson Taylor pays second visit to North America, July.
Hudson Taylor issues To Every Creature, October.
Hudson Taylor visits Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, November.
1890 New C.I.M. premises in Shanghai opened, February 18
Hudson Taylor sails for China for eighth time, without Mrs. Taylor, March.
First Australian worker for C.I.M. arrives in Shanghai, April 29.
Hudson Taylor visits Australia for first time, August.
Hudson Taylor sails for China with first Australasian party, November 20.
Hudson Taylor reaches Shanghai; finds Mrs. Taylor there after an absence of nine years from China, December 21.
1891 Sailing of first Scandinavian China Alliance party, January.
Many anti-foreign riots this year.
1892 Hudson Taylor (ill) reaches Vancouver, March.
Hudson Taylor arrives in England; visits Keswick (ill), July 26.
1893 Hudson Taylor visits Germany, April.
Hudson Taylor visits Germany again, August.
Union and Communion by Taylor published.
1894 Hudson Taylor sails for China, the ninth time, via America, with Mrs. Taylor, and Miss Geraldine Guinness, February 14.
Hudson Taylor speaks at Students' Conference in Detroit.
Hudson Taylor reaches Shanghai, April 17.
Hudson Taylor takes long journey through heart of China, Summer.
A Retrospect by Taylor published.
1895 Beginning of Szechwan riots, May.
Kucheng massacre, August 1.
1896 Hudson Taylor, with Mrs. Taylor, leaves China (ill.), February.
Hudson Taylor visits India, March.
Hudson Taylor returns to China, April.
Hudson Taylor sails for England, lands at Brindisi and visits Germany en route, May 2.
Hudson Taylor visits Sweden, Norway and Germany, August.
1897 Hudson Taylor visits Germany, Spring.
Two German missionaries murdered in Shantung, November 1.
Hudson Taylor sails, via America, for China, the tenth time, with Mrs. Taylor, November 24.
1898 Hudson Taylor reaches Shanghai, resides there three months, January 15.
Hudson Taylor visits Cheefoo, April 20.
Hudson Taylor back in Shanghai, May 9.
Hudson Taylor at Kuling, Summer.
Yü Mantze rebellion begins in Szechwan, June.
Coup d'etat. Empress Dowager resumes power in Peking, September 22.
Hudson Taylor back in Shanghai, October.
Murder of Mr. Fleming in Kweichow, November 4.
Separation and Service by Taylor published..
1899 Conference in Chungking, January 16-21.
Hudson Taylor back in Shanghai, April 6.
Hudson Taylor visits Chefoo, for the last time, May 24.
The Boxer Society founded. Many riots, Summer.
A Ribband of Blue, and other Bible Studies by Taylor published.
Hudson Taylor back in Shanghai for last days of active service in China, September 1.
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor leave China for Australia and New Zealand; Close of Hudson Taylor's work in China, September 26.
Empress Dowager issues her famous anti-foreign decree, November 21.
Mr. S. M. Brooks murdered in Shantung, December 31.
1900 Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, with Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor, visit New Zealand, January
Boxer outbreaks begin, May.
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor reach England, and proceed to Switzerland, June 18.
Imperial Decree orders murder of all foreigners, June 24.
1904 Mrs. Hudson Taylor [Jennie Faulding] dies in Switzerland, July 30.
1905 Hudson Taylor sails for China for the last time, February 15.
Hudson Taylor dies at Changsha, Hunan, China; 73 years of age, June 3.
  From Hudson Taylor: The Man Who Believed God by Marshall Broomhall. London; Philadelphia: The China Inland Mission, 1929.

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