C. T. Studd: Chronology of Events
compiled by Dorothy Ross, 2011

C.T. StuddC.T. Studd (1860-1931) was an English missionary who faithfully served His Saviour in China, India, and Africa. His motto was: "If Jesus Christ is God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him."
1860 Born in Spratton, Northamptonshire, England. (Dec 2)
1877 Attended Eton College; played cricket in Eton's XI, 1877-79; Captain, 1879.
Edward Studd, C.T.'s father, converted in Moody/Sankey meeting, London; died two years later.
1878 C.T. converted to Christ through visiting preacher at the Studd home. (Summer)
Christ crowded out by cricket; spiritually backslidden six years.
1879-1883 Attended Trinity College of Cambridge University.
Cambridge Eleven team player, 1880-3; Captain 1883; all-England cricketer 1882-83.
Graduated, B.A., 1883.
1884 His brother George seriously ill; C.T. realized proper place for cricket and fame in view of eternity.
Challenged at D. L. Moody meetings to witness for Christ to friends. (Jan)
Read tract by atheist, which caused him to consecrate his life to Christ.
Led by God to go to China as a missionary.
Meet with Hudson Taylor, founder/director of China Inland Mission. (Nov)
1885 Spoke at evangelistic meetings to university students in England/Scotland.
Sailed to China as one of the Cambridge Seven. (Feb 5)
Arrived in Shanghai, China. (Mar)
Adopted Chinese garb; language study.
Arrived in Shansi [Shanxi] province. (May)
Traveled to mission station in Pingyang. (Nov)
1886 Traveled with Hudson Taylor to Hanchung. (Aug)
Riots in Chungking [Chongqing] against foreigners.
Safely reached Chungking to reopen mission.
1887 Inheritance received from father's will; decided to give it all away.
Arrived in Shanghai. (Apr)
Missionary Priscilla Stewart from Lisburn (near Belfast), Ireland, arrived in China.
Brother George Studd arrived in Shanghai and worked with C.T. for several months.
C.T. began corresponding with Miss Stewart. (Jun)
1888-1893 Married Priscilla Livingstone Stewart in Tientsin. (Apr 7, 1888)
Opened mission station in the inland city of Lungang-Fu.
Birth of Grace (1889), first of five children born in China (one son, Paul, who lived a day and three other daughters: Dorothy, Edith, and Pauline).
Opened Opium Refuge to treat addicts; some converted to Christ.
C.T. seriously ill. (1893)
1894 Left China for England because of poor health.
Birth of son in England; lived only two days.
Recuperation of C.T. and Mrs. Studd at home of his mother in London.
Children tutored in English and English culture.
C.T. began speaking at meetings in Great Britain to challenge Christians for missionary service.
1896-1897 Toured United States universities speaking and doing personal work for eighteen months; strengthened interest in Student Volunteer Movement.
1898 C.T. returned to England. (Apr)
1900 Traveled alone to Tirhoot in northern India preaching the Gospel for six months.
Became pastor of Union Church in Ootacamund [Ooty], India, under auspices of Anglo-Indian Evangelization Society.
Mrs. Studd and four daughters joined C.T. in Ootacamund. (Oct)
Health problems including asthma.
1904-1905 Joined a cricket tour for more opportunities to preach Christ to soldiers.
Asthma began to flare up again; had to give up playing cricket.
1906-1908 Returned to England in poor health. (1906)
Traveled and preached at meetings; drew thousands because of cricket reputation.
Attended meeting in Liverpool (1908) lead by Dr. Karl Kumm; challenged to go to Africa.
Opposition to going to Africa from family, doctors, and other Christians; lack of monies.
1910-1911 First planned trip to cross Africa canceled by an attack of malaria.
Second planned trip to Southern Sudan canceled by bad doctor report; financial backing contingent upon favorable report.
Believed God calling him to Africa. God would provide; he would obey.
Sailed from Liverpool, England to Kenya, Africa. (Dec 15)
C.T. journeyed for two and a half months (900 miles) from Khartoum to Southern Sudan through the Bahr-el-Ghazal by mule and on foot.
Heard of multitudes in Belgian Congo [Zaire], who had never heard of Jesus Christ.
Returned to Khartoum via Nile River.
Returned to England because of severe attack of malaria. (1911)
1913 Heart of Africa Mission (H.A.M.) founded; C.T. was first director.
Purchased house in Upper Norwood, London, for family and mission headquarters.
Traveled to Africa with Alfred Buxton (future son-in-law). (Feb)
Made grueling nine months journey through Kenya and Uganda, to Lake Albert and the Belgian Congo. (Oct)
Secured permissions and land for first mission stations; first headquarters in Niangara.
1915 Returned to England. (Apr)
Held meetings to challenge Christians for foreign mission service.
1916 Returned to Africa with missionary recruits and daughter Edith who married Alfred Buxton. (July 24)
1919 Gilbert Barclay (C.T. son-in-law) joined H. A. M. as its Home Overseer.
Heart of Africa Mission became part of Worldwide Evangelisation Crusade.
1920 Additional recruits arrived, including daughter Pauline and her husband Norman Grubb.
1921 Turned attention to missionary effort in Ituri Province.
1922 Moved his headquarters to Ibambi in Ituri Province.
1928 Mrs. Studd traveled to Belgian Congo to visit her husband, whom she had not seen since 1916.
1929 Mrs. Studd died while visiting Spain. (Jan)
C.T. completed a simple translation of New Testament and Psalms into Kingwana.
Suffered from heart problems, recurring malaria, dysentery, and asthma.
1930 Honored by King of the Belgians for his labors in the Congo.
1931 Died from untreated gallstones in Ibambi, Belgian Congo. (July 16)

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