Grave of Jerusha Edwards
Bridge Street Cemetery, Northampton, Massachusetts, USA

Jerusha Edwards was the daughter of Rev. Jonathan Edwards, a leading American theologian and pastor, and his wife Sarah (Pierpont) Edwards. She cared for David Brainerd in the Edwards' home during the last months and days (May-October 9, 1847) of his illness with consumption (tuberculosis).

Jonathan Edwards preached Brainerd's funeral sermon, and on February 14, 1748, four months after Brainerd's death, Jerusha Edwards also died (age 17). She is buried next to Brainerd in the Bridge Street Cemetery.

Jerusha Edwards monument
Inscription: Jerusha, Daughter of Jonathan & Sarah Edwards,
Born April 26, 1730 • Died February 14, 1748.

David Brainerd and Jerusha Edwards monuments, Jonathan Edwards cenotaph
Jerusha Edwards gravestone center; Brainerd gravestone left (flat on ground);
Jonathan Edwards cenotaph, right.

Photographs by Stephen & Dorothy Ross for 2008.

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