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Memorizing the List of Bible Books

by Samuel Ridout (1855-1930)

Samuel RidoutIt may be almost out of place to speak of memorizing the books of the Old and New Testaments in the order in which we find them in our Bibles. They should be so familiar to us that we should have no more difficulty in turning to one of the minor Prophets, Esther, the epistle of Jude, etc., than to any of the rest. It is also desirable to have a general idea of the length of all the various books as indicating, not exactly their importance, but the space which they occupy. Thus, the number of chapters in Haggai or Obadiah, Amos or Micah, will supply us with little pointers as to the place they occupy.

Most of these details should be taught the children at their homes. Many a happy season can be spent with them thus, and our own memories be refreshed as we hear them recite the list of the Bible books with perhaps the number of chapters in each, or engage in a competitive test in finding and reading a half-dozen references...

[Two suggestions for learning the books of the Bible and where they are located:

1. Using "The Books of the Bible" song is a helpful and fun way to learn the names of the Books of the Bible in order.

2. "Sword Drills" are another fun way to learn where the books of the Bible are located and how to open the Bible quickly to specific verses.]

From How to Study the Bible by S. Ridout. New York: Bible Truth Press, [n.d.]. Part 1: Methods of Bible Study.

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