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How to Begin to Study the Bible

by William W. Orr (1905-1992)

We understand that you've recently become a Christian. That's truly wonderful. Now you're a child of God by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ... It is of the greatest necessity that you daily feed on the Bible which is the Word of God. This Book is a divinely given means of growth in grace and the knowledge of Christ (2 Pet. 3:18).

As you learn the delightful lesson of daily feeding on God's Word, you will become stronger and wiser, and happier in the Christian life. Conversely too, if you fail to consistently study the Book of books, you will be unlearned in divine things, a prey particularly to every wind of false doctrine, weak in ability to serve Christ, and continually unhappy. And all of that is bad, very bad.

Let me repeat: There is no progress in the Christian life without Bible Study on a daily scale. It is sustenance, encouragement, guidance, comfort. It is food, drink, light, life. There is nothing in the Christian experience which can take its place. To ignore it is to despise your Christian progress, to insult the God that has planned your highest success.

...Our purpose now is to show you how to begin to study the Bible.

Copied and edited from Believer's First Bible Course by William W. Orr. Wheaton, Illinois: Scripture Press Publications, ©1956.

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