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The Secret of a Happy Day: Quiet Hour Meditations

by J. Wilbur Chapman (1859-1918)

Thirtieth Day: "I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever."
A servant abideth not in the house forever; but the son doth. And we are the children of God.

"While I am here, I will be a child at home with my God. The whole world shall be his house to me; and, when I ascend into the upper chamber, I shall not change my company, nor even change the house. I shall only be in the upper story forever."—Spurgeon.

"This should be at once the crown of all our hopes for the future and the one great lesson taught us by all the vicissitudes of life."

There is an end in which it shall be made plain why we had darkness here and sorrowed many times, and as we look back over all the way, we shall find that every road, crooked though it seemed, led heavenward.

"The light of the Word shines brighter and brighter
As wider and wider God opens my eyes;
My trials and burdens seem lighter and lighter,
And fairer and fairer the heavenly prize.

"The wealth of this world seems poorer and poorer
As further and further it fades from my sight;
The prize of my calling seems surer and surer,
As straighter and straighter I walk in the light.

"My waiting on Jesus seems dearer and dearer
As longer and longer I lean on his breast;
Without him, I'm nothing, seems clearer and clearer,
And more and more sweetly in Jesus I rest.

"My joy in my Saviour is growing and growing,
And stronger and stronger I trust in his word;
My peace like a river is flowing and flowing,
As harder and harder I lean on the Lord."

Suggestions for To-day.
1. Do not complain at the trials and vexations of this short journey. This is not your home, and these are only incidents by the way.
2. Ask God for this day to help you live as Jesus would if he were in your place.
3. Remember that temptation, trial, sorrow, and disappointment all help in the weaving of the robe which we shall wear up yonder.

From The Secret of a Happy Day: Quiet Hour Meditations by J. Wilbur Chapman. Boston: United Society of Christian Endeavor, ©1899.

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