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The Secret of a Happy Day: Quiet Hour Meditations

by J. Wilbur Chapman (1859-1918)

Twenty-third Day: "Thy rod."
A shepherd's rod is that with which he defends his sheep. It was not unlikely that in passing through the valley serious danger would meet the flock, and the shepherd's business is to drive the evil away. Surely this is a comfort for us.

There will be danger before you today. Temptations will spring upon you from most unexpected places. You will fail but for the Shepherd's care.

There are certain things which may surely be likened to the shepherd's rod.

1. The Bible. When our Lord met the devil in the time of his temptation, to all of his insidious suggestions he said, "It is written." This is the real secret of victory.

You cannot drive him away with holy feelings, with heavenly experiences, but only with God's word well known, and well used.

2. Prayer. There are so many forms of prayer, none of which are more helpful than the ejaculatory. If we pray only at stated times, Satan may be there ready to tempt us. But the prayer that rises in the midst of business and when you are suddenly beset by danger takes him unawares and makes him flee from us. Prayer is like the shepherd's rod.

Suggestions for To-day.
1. Learn at least one new verse of Scripture for each day. Wield it as the sword of the Spirit.
2. Read one chapter of the book of Proverbs daily. Singularly enough, there are just thirty-one. Then live in the atmosphere of the portion you read.
3. Pray often. "Be instant in prayer." Let prayer strike the key-note for the day, and prayer through the day keep you in harmony with the key-note and the day will be a song of victory.

From The Secret of a Happy Day: Quiet Hour Meditations by J. Wilbur Chapman. Boston: United Society of Christian Endeavor, ©1899.

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