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The Secret of a Happy Day: Quiet Hour Meditations

by J. Wilbur Chapman (1859-1918)

Eleventh Day: "He restoreth my soul."
"When the soul grows sorrowful, He revives it; when it is sinful, He sanctifies it; when it is weak, He strengthens it. He does it. His ministers could not do it if He did not; his word would not avail by itself."

The believer is liable to fall; but to fall and to fall away are two quite different experiences. Peter fell, until he struck the prayers of Him who said, "Satan hath desired you, but I have prayed for thee." The fifteenth of Luke is the lost chapter for the Christian; and it is possible for us, like the coin, to be lost and still be in the house; for our place to be as an adornment for our risen Head, as the lost piece of silver, and yet be on the floor and for that reason useless; but, as the sheep had its shepherd, the money its owner, the prodigal his father, so we have our Lord to whom we may offer the prayer, "Restore my soul, O Thou shepherd of the sheep."

The same hand which first rescued us from ruin reclaims us from wandering; and, when He restores, it is to the same standing that we had before our fall from fellowship. Some one has said that that expression of the prodigal's father, "Bring forth the best robe," is literally, "Bring forth the same old robe he used to wear," which teaches that, when the prodigal went home, it was to have the same standing he had before his awful blunder.

We must have restoration, for of what use would be the green pastures and a soul out of tune with God?

We must have placed upon us His hand, and hear His voice saying, "Peace, be still"; for of what use would be the still waters if our souls were turbulent and distressed?

You may be lost to the holiness, the happiness, the peace, the power, that once was yours. If so, you need His restoring touch. If you were ever higher spiritually than you are to-day, you have fallen just the difference between that higher point and this.

Suggestions for To-day.
1. Find out what it is that has robbed you of your peace and joy. The responsibility cannot be upon God; it must be with you.
2. Confess your faults to God or to men as you may have sinned against them. Remember you are no more nearly right with God than with your fellow men.
3. Believe that what you have honestly confessed He will freely forgive.
4. Breathe in once again of His fullness.
5. Ask Him for special help for the day, which may be yours on the morrow; then rest in Him.

From The Secret of a Happy Day: Quiet Hour Meditations by J. Wilbur Chapman. Boston: United Society of Christian Endeavor, ©1899.

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