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Harry A. Ironside Sayings

Harry A. Ironside• The servant is nothing, but God is everything.

• We need to realize that in all things our first duty and responsibility is to God Himself.

• It is more important that God be glorified then that I accomplish certain things in the line of service.

• Christianity is not just repeating John 3:16 or Acts 16:31; it is yielding the heart and the life to Christ.

• You could not be saved through any effort of your own, but now that you are saved it is necessary for you to put forward every effort you can to glorify Him.

• No sacrifice should be too great for Him who gave Himself for us.

• The Christian is called out from the world. His life is not to be as the lives of those about him.

• The strength of the Christian is in his separation from the world and his devotion to Christ.

• It is not only that sin consists in doing evil, but in not doing the good that we know.

• The greatest mistake any Christian can make is to substitute his own will for the will of God.

• Pride is a barrier to all spiritual progress.

• Truth alone will not preserve if there be not corresponding exercise as to living in its power, and being controlled thereby.

• Real worship is that of the heart...

• The testimony of the lips indicates the state of the heart.

• If lips and life do not agree, the testimony will not amount to much.

• Nothing is sadder than profession without possession.

• ...Jesus Christ is not a problem, He is the solution to every problem for life, for death, and for eternity.

• I am not a sinner because I sin; I sin because I am a sinner.

• The Gospel is not good advice to be obeyed, it is good news to be believed.

• It must be Christ or hell, and to neglect the one is but to choose the other.

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