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M. R. DeHaan Sayings

M. R. DeHaan • Let us tell our young people that the evolution of man from a lower animal is a fable, a myth, an unpoven and unprovable theory. Tell them the Word of God is true and its teachings need no apologies.

• When God leaves us utterly alone, and does not visit us with difficulties and testings and trials, we may be sure that our lives are barren. Someone has said, "Sunshine all the time only makes a desert." We need, the clouds, the dark days, the storms, the rain, just as much as we need the sunshine, and God who is molding our lives, seeking to make us like the Lord Jesus Christ, is the One who knows what is best for us. —from Broken Things: the Ministry of Suffering

• Today the Lord is depending upon us to shed light in this old world of darkness. If you and I do not show forth this light, and do not shed forth the glory of His face, the world will never know about Him. How important, therefore, that we let our light shine before men. We may talk about revival, we may put on meetings, we can shout and yell and tear our hair out; but until the world sees something more than what they merely hear us say, they are not going to believe us. They are looking for some evidence of light, they are groping in darkness. You and I are the only ones who have the lamp of salvation. How little we have done so far. We have been so busy with other things, with material things, with business, with making money, with pleasure, with everything else, that the world has not been able to see the difference between us as belivers and themselves as unbelivers. from Adventures in Faith: Studies in the Life of Abraham.

• None of us have a corner or monopoly on the truth.

• The Lord Jesus does not desire that we should merely seek to make believers out of sinners, but wants us to make disciples out of saints.

• Jesus never taught men how to make a living; He taught men how to live.

• What God begins, He will surely finish.

• In the beginning God created... If we can believe that opening statement, we can believe everything else in the Bible. If we can believe that God, all alone from the beginningless eternity, could suddenly speak one single word, and by that word create the universe out of nothing, and set it moving in order and precision with all the laws governing its course — if we can believe that, we can believe anything He says. Then we can believe that He could part the sea, walk on the waters, still the storm, cast out demons, make iron to swim, change water to wine, and make a whale to swallow a man and cause it to cast the man out alive after three days.

• Rule—We are never to allow a text whose exposition is uncertain to influence us concerning others which are absolutely clear and positive.

• We must face the facts—even though we cannot always explain them. It is not something that we must understand, but something that we have to believe, because it is definitely taught in the Word of God.

• The Lord has not promised to keep us out of the fire of persecution and tribulation, but He has promised to be with us in trouble and to see us through.

• Before an individual can be saved, he must first learn that he cannot save himself.

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" the glory of God."