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Antichrist, Armageddon and the End of the World by William W. Orr
Angels and Demons by M. R. DeHaan
The Blood of Jesus by William Reid
The Book of Books: What It Is; How to Study It by William Evans
The Calvinism Debate by David Cloud
Care for God's Fruit-trees and Other Messages by H. A. Ironside
"Charge That to My Account"... by H. A. Ironside
Eternal Security of the Believer by H. A. Ironside
Except Ye Repent by Harry A. Ironside
Foundation Truths of the Gospel by John Ritchie
Fundamental Doctrines of the Christian Faith by R. A. Torrey
God's Good News... by Alfred P. Gibbs
God's Unspeakable Gift... by H. A. Ironside
The Great Doctrines of the Bible by William Evans
Great Doctrines Relating to Salvation by John B. Marchbanks
Great Words of the Gospel by H. A. Ironside
His Riches—Our Riches: A Gospel Message by A. C. Gaebelein
Heaven, the Home of the Redeemed... compiled by Hy. Pickering
He That is Spiritual... by Lewis S. Chafer
Holiness: The False and the True by H. A. Ironside
Jesus is Coming Again by William E. Blackstone. (Chapt. 1,2,4,9,12,17)
The Lake of Fire by M. R. DeHaan
The Lord of Glory... by A. C. Gaebelein
Meat in Due Season by A. C. Gaebelein
The Millennium: One Thousand Years by M. R. DeHaan
Ministry of the Spirit by A. J. Gordon
The Mission of the Holy Spirit by H. A. Ironside
Papers on the Lord's Coming by C. H. Mackintosh
Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit by C. I. Scofield
Righty Dividing the Word of Truth by C. I. Scofield
Safety, Certainty, and Enjoyment by George Cutting
Sailing With Paul by H. A. Ironside
Salvation by L. S. Chafer
Satan by L. S. Chafer
17 Reasons Why I Left the Tongues Movement by Alfred H. Pohl
Short Meditation on the Moral Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ by J. G. Bellet
Studies in Prophecy by A. C. Gaebelein
Supreme Divinity of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ by Samuel Green
Ten Sermons on the Second Coming by I. M. Haldeman
True Evangelism by L. S. Chafer
What Every Christian Should Believe by William Evans
The Work of Christ: Past, Present and Future by A. C. Gaebelein
Worship: the Christian's Highest Occupation by Alfred P. Gibbs
Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth by Harry A. Ironside

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