Walter Lewis Wilson

Walter L Wilson Walter L. Wilson, M.D. (1881-1969) was an American medical doctor, salesman, businessman, preacher, and soul-winner. He recorded many of his remarkable experiences in a series of books (see titles in italics below) to instruct and encourage others in the great work of spreading the Gospel.

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Mrs. Marion WilsonMarion Baker Wilson married Walter Wilson in 1904, the year he received his medical license after completing medical school. They had eight children: Elizabeth, Walter, Jr., Margaret, Marion, Norman, Martha, Nathaniel, and Catherine. Mrs. Wilson died, September 25, 1962, having been happily married for 58 years; Walter called her "Sweetheart."

Ruth Selders Wilson Ruth Selders Wilson married Dr. Wilson a year after his first first wife's death. Ruth was a member of Central Bible Church for 40 years and an alumna of the Kansas City Bible College. They spent 6 years together until his death May 24, 1969.

Recommended books:
Just What the Doctor Ordered. Soulwinningbstories by Walter L. Wilson. Greenville, SC: Bob Jones University Press, ©1988. 152 pages. ISBN 0890844399.

Walter L. Wilson: the Beloved Physician by Kenneth O. Gangel. Chicago: Moody Press, ©1970. 127 p.

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