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John Bunyan John Bunyan (1628-1688) was an English preacher and writer. While imprisoned for preaching the Gospel without receiving permission from the Established Church, he wrote The Pilgrim's Progress.

Marriage and Family:
Mary Bunyan (c.1625-1656?): First wife of John Bunyan, they were married in 1647. Raised by godly parents, she was an important influence in his conversion to Christ. They had four children, two sons (John and Thomas) and two daughters (Mary and Elizabeth). Mary, born in 1650 was their eldest child and blind.

Elizabeth Bunyan (c.1630-1691?): Second wife of John Bunyan. They were married in 1659, shortly before he was arrested and imprisoned, leaving her to care for his four children by his first wife. During this time he wrote The Pilgrim's Progress. She traveled to London on several occasions to petition for her husband's release. They had two children, Sarah and Joseph.

Recommended Book:
Travel with John Bunyan: Exploring the world of John Bunyan, author of The Pilgrims Progress by John Pestell. England: Day One Publications, ©2002. Biography and travel guide.

Recommended DVD:
John Bunyan: Journey of a Pilgrim. This documentary narrated by John Pestell, presents a fascinating look at the life of the man who wrote The Pilgrim's Progress. Worcester, PA: Distributed by Gateway Films/Vision Video, 2006. DVD.
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