Dwight L. Moody: Chronology of Events
compiled by Dorothy Ross 2011

D. L. MoodyD. L. Moody (1837-1899) was an American evangelist who founded the Northfield Schools in Massachusetts, Moody Church and Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, and the Colportage Association. Ira Sankey was solo singer/music director for their evangelistic campaigns in both the United States and Great Britain.
1837 Born in Northfield, Massachusetts, United States. (Feb 5)
1855 Converted to Christ in Boston.
1856 Joins Mount Vernon Congregational Church, Boston.
Moves to Chicago, Illinois, to continue work as shoe salesman.
1858 Starts the North Market Hall (Sunday) School, Chicago.
1860 Gives up shoe business.
Begins work with Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA).
1861-65 Ministry to soldiers during Civil War.
1862 Marries Emma Charlotte Revell. (Aug 28)
1864 Birth of daughter Emma Reynolds. (Oct 24)
1864-66 Organizes and pastors Illinois Street Church (later called Chicago Avenue Church).
1866 Instrumental in erection of the original Farwell Hall for YMCA, Chicago.
Elected president of Chicago YMCA.
1867 First visit to Great Britain; meets George Müller and Charles Spurgeon.
1869 Birth of son William Revell. (Mar 25)
1870 Meets Ira Sankey at YMCA convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.
1871 Ira Sankey joins Moody in Chicago to assist with music and song-leading.
Home, church, and Farwell Hall consumed in great Chicago Fire.
1872 Second visit to Great Britain.
1873 Moody and Sankey publish Sacred Songs and Solos; sold for use in meetings.
1873-75 First campaign in the British Isles.
1875 Decides to make Northfield, Massachusetts, his permanent home; buys house.
1875-76 First American campaigns in Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and New York.
1876 Death of friend and co-worker P.P. Bliss in a train accident. (Dec. 29)
1876-77 Campaigns in Chicago and Boston.
1877-78 Fall and winter meetings in New England cities.
1879 Birth of son Paul Dwight. (Apr 11)
Founded Northfield Seminary for Young Women.
1878-79 Meetings in Baltimore, Maryland.
1879-80 Six months of meetings in St. Louis, Missouri. (winter)
1880 First Northfield Bible Conference.
1880-81 Pacific coast meetings, primarily in San Francisco, California.
1881 Founded Mount Hermon School for Young Men.
1881-84 Second campaign in the British Isles.
1886 Chicago Evangelization Society chartered (renamed Moody Bible Institute, March, 1900).
1891-92 Third campaign in the British Isles.
1892 Visits the Holy Land.
1893 Evangelistic campaign at World's Fair in Chicago.
1894 Begins the Bible Institute Colportage Association (BICA), Chicago. Became Moody Press in 1941.
1895 Fall campaign in Atlanta, Georgia.
1897 Meetings in Boston. (Jan-Feb)
1899 Last public service in Kansas City, Missouri. (Nov 16)
Died at his home in Northfield, Massachusetts. (Dec 22)
Buried on Round Top, Northfield, Massachusetts.

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