Frances Havergal: Titles of Some of Her Familiar Hymns

Frances HavergalFrances Ridley Havergal (1836-1879) was an English poet and hymn writer. Began writing verse at age of seven. She published several volumes of poems and hymns as well as prose writings. Her most widely known hymn is "Take My Life and Let It Be." Other familiar hymns include:
Another Year Is Dawning (music: Samuel S. Wesley)
Golden Harps Are Sounding (words and music)
I Gave My Life For Thee (music: Philip P. Bliss)
Like A River Glorious (music: James Mountain)
Take My Life And Let It Be (music: H. A. César Malan)
True-Hearted, Whole-Hearted (music: George C. Stebbins)
Who Is On The Lord's Side? (music: arr. by John Goss)

Compiled by Stephen Ross for 2013.

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